Average Temp: 15-25 °c
Rainfall: March-May
Average 25 inch
per year
Dry Hot Season: Jan-March
Cold Dry Season: June-Aug
Altitude: 6000Ft above
sea level
Nairobi: 3hrs away
Nanyuki: 1hr by road.


Sangare has always been a private working cattle ranch run in  conjunction with wildlife. It has now been registered as a conservancy,  and in order to make full use of the land with sufficient income to  conserve it as a wilderness area with top security and maintenance,  a maximum of 20 by 5 acre House Allotments are being offered with  proportionate shareholding and traversal rights over the whole land.

These sites are carefully chosen to give privacy and as little disturbance  to the environment as possible, leaving large tracts of land to the wildlife  and the pleasure of game viewing for all. Each shareholder will  have a say in the maintenance and the protection of the environment. 

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